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[LTBR] Episode 13 – What To Say To Potential JV Partners

October 03, 2013

In today’s show we talked about sample letters that you can send to potential JV Partners, plus what to say (and not to say).  See below:

This is Troy Warren from The Social Media Boss.

I am wondering if your company is open to considering business partnerships.

If you are, please send me your preferred mailing address and I’ll send you a proposal via Fed/Ex.

Also, if there is a specific person that handles business development, I’d appreciate it if you could please forward this message to them as well.

If you have any questions, then just let me know. Thank-you very much.

Troy Warren The Social Media Boss Cell:  (480) 720-LIST (5478) Office: (480) 300-5381

Here is what your potential JV Partner wants to see:

What is your product or service, does it make sense, and how will it benefit their customers or client base?

What’s In It for THEM? Yes, the classic “WIIFM” mantra applies to this, too. Spell this out clearly, and without coming across as being “salesy”. Tell them exactly what’s in it for them – including the spin-off benefits such as increased loyalty and “buzz” being generated about their company as a result of the promotion, and so on.

SIMPLICITY. Make the deal sound as simple as possible. DO NOT complicate things at all. Make every effort to make things so that your potential partner simply needs to press “send” (figuratively and/or literally), and make money as a result.

They’re Special. Tell them why you selected THEM as a partner. Do this with tact, but re-enforce the fact that their business is great, and so are they.

Confidence. Write in “present” and “future” tense. Let your writing make it crystal-clear that according to you, this deal is going to happen (do this from start to finish, but don’t be over-bearing). Your confidence will subliminally make them confident in you, and therefore, your offer.

Also we learned some great tips from Dallas McLaughlin about reputation management today.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management


[LTBR] Episode 12 – Critical Component In Host Beneficiary Relationships

October 02, 2013
Android vs. Apple

Android vs. Apple


[LTBR] Episode 11 – Approaching Complimentary Businesses

October 01, 2013

Today we talked about a test I ran on my Facebook profile at over the weekend that was another example of the 80/20 rule as you will see in the image below.  20% get it right on the first attempt.  Others need to think about it more.

80/20 rule applies

80/20 rule applies

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