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[LTBR] Episode 71 – IP Marketing Goes To A Whole New Level

November 06, 2015


In Episode 71 (IP Marketing Goes To A Whole New Level) of Let’s Talk Business Radio #ltbr Host/Marketing Consultant Troy Warren and Co–Host Michael Jurian ratchet up the volume on a whole new way to perform IP Marketing that will not only drive more targeted customers to your business, additionally you can dive deep into behavioral marketing. #ltbr #businessmedia #businessresource #troywarren #ipmarketing #behavioralmarketing

Get The Scoop Quick By Clicking Highlights Below:

  • Stop the shotgun effect [1:45]
  • Consumers don’t want to be sold [2:28]
  • “In The Market” [3:40]
  • Old Way of Retargeting [4:05]
  • What Do Cookies Have To Do With My Web Browser? [4:50]
  • Ethical Behavioral Tracking [5:55]
  • Felt Kind of Creepy [7:25]
  • The Door Swings Open NOW to Over 40 Million Websites [9:01]
  • Cost of Retargeting and NOW Can Be Done EXTREMELY Affordably [10:40]
  • Definition of Retargeting [13:45]
  • Case Study:  Weight Loss [16:35]
  • What??!!!  5 Cents or LESS to Get a Cookie? [20:30]
  • Conversions Through The Roof On The Cheap [23:45]
  • Not A Single Losing Campaign, NOT Even the Highly Competitive Car Sales Market [25:51]
  • Follow IP’s for Behavior Purposes [26:39]
  • Legal Subliminal Advertising [31:43]
  • They’re Always Watching Me [39:19]

behavioral marketing

Ethically spy on web visitors on over 40 million websites as they research products and services they are already sold on.


Capture and Build a retargeting list of your ideal and best Customers, Patients, Clients that are “in the market” researching your type of products and services and are already sold on them (from a network of over 40 million websites).  You’ll be paying pennies for each highly targeted prospect while your competitors are paying up to 1000% and more.


After you’ve built your highly targeted list for pennies on the dollar, now it’s time to advertise your banner ONLY to the IP numbers on your list in the banner network of over 40 million websites.  Again, all for pennies on the dollar while driving hoards of clicks and conversions that will drive your competitors crazy!

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