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[LTBR] Episode 26 – Simple List Building That Cuts Your Advertising Expenses in HALF

October 21, 2013

LIVE from Studio 88 #studio88 in the Valley of the Sun #phoenix in today’s episode of Let’s Talk Business Radio Troy Warren and Michael J reveal a simple list building #listbuilding model that cuts your advertising #advertising expenses in half.

List Building

List Building #listbuilding

Social Media #socialmedia expert Dallas McLaughlin talks about Facebook #facebookdown and how they hit GLOBAL news today because many of their important features that we rely on were not working for hours today.  And then he poses the question “What if Facebook went away FOREVER?”

Facebook Down

Facebook Down #facebookdown

Paul Ticen our legal expert for our Legal Tips #legaltips talks about things you need to know in the business start-up stage including trademark and copyright concerns.  Paul Ticen can also be found at The Legal Supplement.


[LTBR] Episode 22 – Advertising That Delivers Long Term With One Fixed Cost

October 15, 2013

In the Valley of the Sun #phoenix from Studio 88 #studio88 we talked about advertising that delivers long term on one fixed cost.  We also talked about one of those long term methods being a MEME #meme that has the ability to go viral #viral.  See below an example of a MEME that Troy posted on his personal Facebook wall that got over 70 comments and over a dozen SHARES.  The MEME included a watermark.

MEME Troy Posted on his personal Facebook Wall

MEME Troy Posted on his personal Facebook Wall

Our social media expert Dallas McLaughlin continued the journey into our Sandra Bullock campaign entitled “Will Troy Interview Sandra?”  Plus he talked about story telling and how that is related to new features within Snap Chat #snapchat .

Snap Chat App

Snap Chat App

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