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[LTBR] Episode 65 – Referral Marketing On Steroids

August 05, 2015

Referral Marketing Strategies

In Episode 65 (Referral Marketing On Steroids) of Let’s Talk Business Radio #ltbr Host/Marketing Consultant Troy Warren and Co–Host Michael J explain how you can put referral marketing into action in your business and increase revenues by as much as 33%. In this episode, get powerful email marketing tips. #ltbr #businessmedia #businessresource #troywarren #emailmarketing #socialmedia #newsrelease #referralmarketing

Show Key Points & Notes

  • That one THING that makes every business owner the HAPPIEST [1:34]
  • If asked . . . where all the GOLD is in your business [2:20]
  • WHAT???? 33% Increase???!!!!! [2:30]
  • LinkedIn Goldmine [4:31]
  • Make it EASY and you’ll get a TON of referral business [7:51]
  • You can’t help but doing this (with restaurants) [16:35]
  • Referrals on AUTO PILOT [19:59]
  • Your Powerful Email Marketing Tips [22:45]
  • Social Media & Video [32:01]
  • Episode 66 – Route 66 with Matt Bacak [40:03]
  • Drinking & Marketing?  [41:46]
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[LTBR] Episode 66 – Matt Bacak Gets Insane Email Marketing Results

August 05, 2015

Email Marketing Matt Bacak

In Episode 66 (Matt Bacak Gets Insane Email Marketing Results) of Let’s Talk Business Radio #ltbr Host/Marketing Consultant Troy Warren and Co–Host Michael J interview Matt Bacak arguably the Email Marketing King.

Email Marketing with Matt BacakPowerful Email Marketing tips for any business. #ltbr #businessmedia #businessresource #troywarren #emailmarketing #talkshow




Show Key Points & Notes

  • How did Matt get started?  Find out at [1:59]
  • Doing stuff with WHO?  Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Mark Joyner … [2:31]
  • Email Marketing still the most profitable to this day [3:55]
  • Split testing and tracking was the key [5:03]
  • Getting Radical [6:05]
  • Personalization Yes or No? [7:49]
  • Less is better [9:01]
  • What?  How many emails sent per day now? [12:50]
  • What products and services are good for email marketing? [16:59]
  • What did Matt do BEFORE Email Marketing? [19:17]
  • We didn’t even call it Internet Marketing  . . . [20:45]
  • What was the single biggest hurdle to overcome? [20:55]
  • What my subscribers die? [23:05]
  • How do I start from today? [23:49]
  • Where does your target audience hang out? [25:55]
  • If you already have a list, you still have not extracted all the GOLD [30:15]
  • What to avoid in your subject lines [31:30]
  • But . . . avoid it like the plague [32:20]
  • What email platform should I start with? [36:40]
  • Show Bloopers [41:02]
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[LTBR] Episode 64 – Affordable PR With HUGE Business Results

July 18, 2015

Affordable PR

In Episode 64 (Affordable PR With HUGE Business Results) of Let’s Talk Business Radio #ltbr Host/Marketing Consultant Troy Warren and Co–Host Michael J talk with expert and celebrity PR Queen Christina Daves about how to get HUGE results from PR and Media on a shoestring budget. Get the most for your business from valuable email marketing and social media tips delivered by Lets Talk Business Radio.

Show Key Points & Notes

  • What is the huge game changer in email marketing . . .click the time stamp to find out: [1:44]
  • What the heck is  PURL and why should I care? [3:06]
  • What does URL stand for anyhow? [4:10]
  • A resource that will increase your open rate quickly [5:01]
  • WELCOME PR Queen Christina Daves [7:10]
  • In the darkest moment this is what happened [8:11]
  • A broken foot changed everything [9:06]
  • Does FREE Publicity work? [10:47]
  • Is it really possible to get on Steve Harvey, Dr. Oz and others with your own efforts? [11:18]
  • Not in the MAJOR Media just once, but MANY times (and it keeps growing) [14:54]
  • Syndication kept the momentum going [15:44]
  • Was this DUMB Luck for Christina OR will this work for ME too? [16:40]
  • Proven Three Pronged Approach [18:20]
  • Is it possible for ANYONE to be in Forbes and Success Magazine? [19:22]
  • Media begets Media [21:45]
  • Momentum in your favor [24:49]
  • Again, will it work for me? [26:01]
  • That ain’t no bull! [29:41]
  • Work with Christina & Lets Talk Business Radio and receive a VERY SPECIAL BONUS – Click Here SEE BONUS DETAILS BELOW [30:38]
  • Who IS nicer, Dr. Oz OR Steve Harvey? [33:12]
  • What is Christina’s most difficult situation working with students? [34:36]
  • Social Media Tech Tip [37:36]
  • Coming up on Episode 65 [48:30]
  • Show BLOOPERS [49:30]

Christina Daves BONUS

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As Seen On News Media

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Email your receipt to troy [at] for your BONUS News Release

Affordable PR

  • Great Podcast for Entrepreneurs and Start ups
    July 23, 2015 by Sofina h from United Kingdom

    Great podcast with brilliant Interviews that will help Entrepreneurs or start ups. So many useful tips and advise to help you with your business and also expanding your business online and offline.

  • Great Business Advice
    July 23, 2015 by S Warren from United States

    I am thrilled to get business information from all facets of business. The information is up to date and right on. 5 Stars for this show!

  • Great podcasts for doing bigger and better things in business
    November 20, 2013 by TroyWhite from Canada

    Full disclosure: I was fortunate enough to be interviewed for the Lets Talk Business Radio series. Michael J and Troy Warren are great interviewers! That said, I have started a new love affair with this podcast series! Fantastic interviews and advice for growing your business. I highly recommend subscribing and enjoyed, with or without my interview 🙂

  • My thoughts about Let’s Talk Business Radio
    November 14, 2013 by Brenden Leary from United States

    Let’s Talk Business Radio is very informative, engaging and humorous. Troy Warren provides detailed and very helpful business building ideas and strategies for building your business. He feels that business is fun for him and a passion of his. He is willing to help business owners build relationships and attract more profitable and quality customers. It is important not to be transactional when somebody comes through the door. He emphasizes that the form of engagement with customers is detrimental to quality business. I encourage all of you to join his exciting journey!

  • COO, ProGeo
    November 14, 2013 by Gregg Elrod from United States

    If you wanna know how to market your business in this day and age... this is the show you should be listening to.

  • Great information
    November 13, 2013 by Michazz from United States

    I started listening to this show a few weeks back. I find the information useful and the hosts can be pretty funny too. Any business owner out there could probably learn a thing or two by listening. Thanks to the entire LTBR team!

  • LTBR Review
    November 13, 2013 by C_T_M_W from United States

    I love this show! It is very informational and gives great advice. I love how there are different segments as well, keeps it entertaining. Thanks!

  • HW Marketing
    October 7, 2013 by mhwright1 from United States

    The show is awesome as well as informative. Enjoy the humor as well.

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[LTBR] Episode 63 – Night Driving Eyewear OWN The Night In Your Business

July 11, 2015

Night Drive Glasses

Get your pair of Night Drive Eyewear at and at IndieGoGo.

You can make your email marketing efforts much easier and faster with OptinMonster.Com and don’t miss how to use Twitter to find new customers.

LinkedIn-Group-LTBRCome JOIN US on LinkedIn and get all the latest and greatest strategies for your business.

[LTBR] Episode 62 – Grab Your Celebrity Status In The Insiders Media Club

[LTBR] Episode 62 – Grab Your Celebrity Status In The Insiders Media Club

July 02, 2015

In Episode 62 (Grab Your Celebrity Status In The Insiders Media Club) of Let’s Talk Business Radio #ltbr Host/Marketing Consultant Troy Warren and Co–Host Michael J discuss the KEY to the entrance of the INSIDERS Media Club where you can grab (and keep) celebrity status in your field of expertise. #ltbr #businessmedia #businessresource #troywarren #emailmarketing #socialmedia #newsrelease #celebritystatus #media

Attractive To The Media



[LTBR] Episode 61- Consistent and Constant Delivery of Your Perfect Customer

June 28, 2015

News Media

Pinterest Resource:

Email Marketing Resources: 

Active Campaign


[LTBR] Episode 34 – Targeting Mailing Lists with Your Perfect and Ideal Customer

November 01, 2013

Another great resource today from Studio 88 #studio88 and Let’s Talk Business Radio #ltbr making it very easy to reach your target audience by zeroing in on mailing lists #mailinglist at NextMark.Com.


NextMark.Com #mailinglist

Dallas Mclaughlin Business Social Media expert discusses the sales process of selling advertising media #advertistingmedia that is related to social media – how to sell it and how NOT to sell it.

Media Kit

Media Kit #advertisingmedia

Our Legal Tips attorney Paul Ticen talks about Buy/Sell agreements and all the “What If’s” are in partnership agreements #partnershipagreement .

Buy Sell Agreement

Buy Sell Agreement #buysellagreement


[LTBR] Episode 31 – Direct Mail Done Correctly Delivers Big Pay Days

October 29, 2013

Today’s episode of Let’s Talk Business Radio #ltbr from Studio 88 #studio88 delves into how direct mail #directmail can be your best friend and deliver profits over and over.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail #directmail

A great resource for direct mail is SendOutCards.Com.

Send Out Cards

Send Out Cards #sendoutcards

Our social media expert Dallas McLaughlin talked about our exciting campaign “Will Troy Interview Sandra Bullock?”  In fact, a contest campaign was launched to further support Troy in getting an interview with Sandra Bullock at HelpTroyInterviewSandra.Com.

Help Troy Interview Sandra Bullock

Help Troy Interview Sandra Bullock #sandrabullock

Help Troy Interview Sandra Bullock

Help Troy Interview Sandra Bullock #sandrabullock

Attorney Paul Ticen talks about Operating Agreements for your business and the critical importance of the language that is contained within it.

Operating Agreement

Operating Agreement #operatingagreement


[LTBR] Episode 30 – How To Create a Highly Responsive List

October 25, 2013

From Studio 88 #studio88 of Let’s Talk Business Radio #ltbr #chandler #chandleraz Troy Warren #troywarren and Michael J reveal How To create a responsive list.

Responsive List

Dallas Mclaughlin Business Social Media expert brings the GOOD NEWS in the social media world announcing new Instagram #instagram features.


Instagram #instagram


Our Legal Tips #legaltips attorney Paul Ticen discusses the registration and selection of the domain name for your business.

Domain Name Selection

Domain Name Selection #domainname

Today we answered a question for Gregg Elrod in Nashville, TN.

Hey Troy,
Thanks for taking my question. I have enjoyed the shows and learning a lot.
I am working for a PEO (professional employer organization). You probably know what that is but just in case someone else is reading this first it’s an organization that goes into a business and performs all their human resource activities. Small and medium sized businesses lack either the know-how or the funds to do it for themselves effectively. We do everything… payroll, taxes, benefits admin, 401k, health ins., safety, gov’t compliance, workers comp, record keeping, risk assessment…etc.
The company I work for has one of the best referral programs I’ve ever heard of. If a person refers me to a business, along with their recommendation and blessing and I sign them as a client then they receive anywhere between $250-1,000 depending on the number of employees in the business PLUS 5-10% of the deal paid out monthly… every month… for as long as they are a client of mine. I’ve sold one through a referral. It was a 110 employee company. This individual who got me “in” is going to receive $1000 upfront and $275 per month… every month…for as long as they are a client of mine. We keep our clients on average over 7 years. So you see it’s not just a referral fee… it’s residual income. The best part is I do all the heavy lifting as you like to say.
MY QUESTION IS:  What is the best way to find people who can get me these referrals???? That sale was so much easier than the cold calling I normally do.
Thanks in advance.
Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers



[LTBR] Episode 29 – DISCOVER Automatic Profits Through Easy to Set Up Email Autoresponders

October 24, 2013

Very profitable news came out of Studio 88 #studio88 of Let’s Talk Business Radio #ltbr today about email auto responders (email marketing) #emailmarketing and how they work for you around the clock.  Set up ONCE and it spits out profits automatically on the long road. aWeber is Troy’s favorite.

Email Autoresponder Forms

Email Autoresponder Forms #emailmarketing

Email Autoresponder Service

Email Autoresponder Service #emailmarketing #aweber #troywarren

Social Media expert Dallas McLaughlin discusses betting on the future and WHY you should do it in social media, plus a “not to miss” advertising angle on Twitter.

Twitter Search

Twitter Search #twittersearch

Twitter Search Advertising Near By

Twitter Search Advertising Near By #twitter #advertising

Our Legal Tips #legaltips attorney Paul Ticen talks about the importance of name selection for your business.

Business Name Selection

Business Name Selection #legaltips #businessname

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