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[LTBR] Episode 68 – Discover How To Increase Your Business By 10X Or More With Data Mailing Lists Part 1

Posted by Troy Warren

Data Mailing Lists MultiMedia Lists

In Episode 68 (Discover How To Increase Your Business By 10X Or More With Data Mailing Lists Part 1) of Let’s Talk Business Radio #ltbr Host/Marketing Consultant Troy Warren and Co–Host Michael J interview Daniel Klibanoff of MultiMediaLists.Com, arguably the Data KING of the business world. #ltbr #businessmedia #businessresource #troywarren #businesslists #mailinglist #danielklibanoff #data #businessdata

Show Key Points & Notes

  • It all started in 1982 [2:54]
  • Return Addresses on envelopes turned into GOLD [4:15]
  • No Internet, Nothing Digital yet keypunching thousands of names [6:18]
  • Do you remember peel and stick labels? [6:55]
  • First defining moment . . . [8:35]
  • Turn Your Trash Into Cash [10:45]
  • Bought 1.5 million envelopes over 16 months [12:41]
  • Klibanoff created the biggest defining moment in the data world in 1986 [16:57]
  • Once you get a taste, you’re hooked and WANT MORE [22:44]
  • History Channel Material [28:51]
  • Response rates through the roof [30:36]
  • Overlay valuable data on your email files now [35:01]
  • Hit a bulls eye with data selection [36:51]
  • Homeland Security & Data? [39:01]
  • Profiling to make your efforts extremely easy [40:28]
  • Show Close [43:30]
  • Save ANY ailing business [44:48]
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Podcast Reviews

  • Great Podcast for Entrepreneurs and Start ups
    July 23, 2015 by Sofina h from United Kingdom

    Great podcast with brilliant Interviews that will help Entrepreneurs or start ups. So many useful tips and advise to help you with your business and also expanding your business online and offline.

  • Great Business Advice
    July 23, 2015 by S Warren from United States

    I am thrilled to get business information from all facets of business. The information is up to date and right on. 5 Stars for this show!

  • Great podcasts for doing bigger and better things in business
    November 20, 2013 by TroyWhite from Canada

    Full disclosure: I was fortunate enough to be interviewed for the Lets Talk Business Radio series. Michael J and Troy Warren are great interviewers! That said, I have started a new love affair with this podcast series! Fantastic interviews and advice for growing your business. I highly recommend subscribing and enjoyed, with or without my interview :)

  • My thoughts about Let’s Talk Business Radio
    November 14, 2013 by Brenden Leary from United States

    Let’s Talk Business Radio is very informative, engaging and humorous. Troy Warren provides detailed and very helpful business building ideas and strategies for building your business. He feels that business is fun for him and a passion of his. He is willing to help business owners build relationships and attract more profitable and quality customers. It is important not to be transactional when somebody comes through the door. He emphasizes that the form of engagement with customers is detrimental to quality business. I encourage all of you to join his exciting journey!

  • COO, ProGeo
    November 14, 2013 by Gregg Elrod from United States

    If you wanna know how to market your business in this day and age... this is the show you should be listening to.

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