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[LTBR] Episode 17 – Doodle Video Plus JV Partnering Equals Higher Conversions

October 08, 2013

Dallas McLaughlin continues the journey with story telling on Let’s Talk Business Radio #ltbr from Studio 88 #studio88 in the Valley of the Sun located in Chandler, AZ #chandler #chandleraz #phoenix .

Dallas will unleash a LIVE campaign on Episode 18 of the effects of story telling #storytelling .  See the image below for a clue of what this live campaign will be about.  Stay tuned . . . .

Will Troy Interview Sandra

Will Troy Interview Sandra


[LTBR] Episode 16 – JV Partnering With Multiple And Consistent Pay Outs

October 07, 2013

In our social media episode with Dallas McLaughlin today of Let’s Talk Business Radio we noted some resource materials as related to story telling in social media.

One was Dallas’ resume he submitted to Troy to be considered for the Social Media Manager position.  His resume was none like I had ever seen before.  As you will see, it was very creative.  Look at the last page where he has a check-list and all the boxes are checked except for the one about joining our team.  And take note of the image of the brain and his skills.

Additionally, after commencing work with our team he created a Doodle video of his journey starting at the age of 14.  Again using story telling in a very engaging and entertaining way (this would be great for any job candidate that would compel prospective employers to take notice).

Dallas McLauglin Resume – Click HERE


[LTBR] Episode 15 – JV Partnering Plus Video Equals Bigger Gains

October 04, 2013

On today’s episode #ltbr we went to the next step after the endorsement/referral letter goes out.  It guides them to the other JV Partners deal site, but it gets higher conversions with video on the deal site.  See below.

Deal Site + Video = Higher Conversions

Deal Site + Video = Higher Conversions


Our Social Media expert Dallas McLaughlin talked about engaging videos.  Examples are below for his clothing line and Flex Watch.


[LTBR] Episode 14 – JV Partners Ring Your Cash Register

October 04, 2013

Video is highly consumed as Dallas McLaughlin talked about on this episode today.  See examples of video below.

Also, Troy and Michael J unleashed an example promotion letter that keeps your cash register ringing.

From the desk of Troy Warren

ABC Widgets

88 S. San Marcos Place – Chandler, AZ 85225

(480) 720-5478

Dear [Customer_Name],


Thank you for your continued patronage at ABC Widgets.  I know we have to make decisions where we shop.  I appreciate your decision to do business with us and I look forward to serving your needs now and in the future.


On that note [Customer_Name] every once in a while a service or product comes along that you like so much you can’t wait to tell your friends about it.


Today is that day for me to you.


I started doing business with [JV_Partner] and was so impressed with their attention to detail, their caring nature, and the follow up to make sure I was happy.  And not just once, [JV_Partner] stays in close touch to make sure everything is going okay.


For that reason, I highly endorse and recommend [JV_Partner].


Additionally as a THANK YOU for doing business with me and my business ABC Widgets, I have arranged for a very special deal for you at [JV_Partner].


Normally their [SERVICE_PRODUCT] is $100, but as a loyal customer of ABC Widgets you’ll be able to get the same [SERVICE_PRODUCT] for $50 representing a whopping 50% savings.  I was jealous because when I started doing business there, it was at full price, but I did not care because of their high level of service (but maybe we can split a deal; LOL!; Just Kidding).


To receive this limited time offer go to:


Oh and by the way, please tell [JV_Partner_NAME] I sent you over.  You’ll love the level of service I have enjoyed and I guarantee you’ll be as happy as I am.


Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with [Customer_Name].  I hope this letter finds you doing well and at your best.


Sincerest Best Wishes,

Troy Warren

ABC Widgets

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